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This chai recipe will be your new go-to if you are a chai lover! Homemade chai is so much better than store bought. A few years ago, I spent 2 weeks in India. Every stop we made we were greeted with delicious, sweet, sometimes spicy, hot chai. It was unlike anything I’ve ever had. Any time it was offered I took it. I’m a big sweet tooth so the small servings of sugar and caffeine throughout the day were always welcome. I had tried many different chai masalas, or chai powder from the store, but nothing was very good. After some time, I found the perfect way to make it.


Chai Tea and spices

Wintertime or a cold rainy day is the perfect time for this recipe. I love chai in the afternoon for a little caffeine pick me up. Many people even drink homemade chai first thing in the morning instead of coffee. I am still definitely a big coffee drinker so I won’t be giving that up. But I will definitely take a hot chai in the afternoon after work or in the evening while watching a movie.


Chai spices cardamom fennel black tea

What you need

This recipe can be made with individual bought ingredients. All you need is organic cardamom pods, organic fennel seeds, loose leaf black tea, water, milk, and raw sugar. I recommend having a mortar and pestle on hand too so that you can crush the spices a little before putting them in boiling water. They are pretty inexpensive on amazon! Like this one! The milk and sugar can be substituted for dietary restrictions or preferences but I’m not very fussy. I like it exactly the way it’s done in India.


Pinterest Chai Image

Lastly, Enjoy! If you made this recipe, let me know what you think!


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