Fun Ways to Actually Make Money on the Side

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5 Side Hustles that are fun and totally work!

Need to pay off debt? Want to cash flow a vacation? Here are 5 ways to make extra money!

Sometimes you just need a little extra cash. Maybe even $1,500 extra each month? It can be done! Do you want to make your own schedule and not clock in? I hear you and I have been there!

Girl shopping for groceries

A few years ago, I had a 2 year old at home and a newborn. My husband worked full time but we still didn’t have enough money in the bank. Diapers, formula, and utilities were just too much for us at the time. I spent a lot of time at home crying and scrolling my phone trying to figure out ways to make a more. I really wanted to be able to contribute.

After a lot of time scrolling and a lot of stress, I learned about Shipt and figured out I could make a little money and still be a stay at home mom. So I started delivering groceries from places like Kroger and Target. I actually found it relaxing and fun! I was able to make my own schedule around being home with my babies and shop around using someone else’s money. Plus you get tips!

How I Made it Work

I had learned that afternoons and weekends were busy times for deliveries, so I worked around that with my husbands availability and time off. At the time we needed an extra $300-$500 a month. Everything over that was just a bonus! For transparency, I was able to make $1,300 on a better month just by delivering groceries and Target orders. All while driving around listening to music and podcasts. That’s pretty good for someone who didn’t have a job and was able to still be home with my little guys. So, it is possible to make a decent chunk of money.

I put together a list of things that have worked! Whether it is needing extra money because you are a stay at home mom and want to help financially, paying off debt, or you just want to save a little extra cash for a vacation, these tried and true side hustles WILL do it!


1. Shipt or Instacart

I have tried both! Personally, I enjoyed Shipt a little more because it was mostly Target runs, which is fun and easy! Both companies provide you with a credit card, and all you have to do is get the app and keep your phone charged. You can accept orders from the app, and only do the ones you want to do. There are also delivery only options and places like Bevmo or Best Buy are available for orders too. The Target deliveries listed what aisle the item you were looking for was on so it made it for a really easy store pick up. So all you have to do is follow the list of items listed on the app, purchase them for the customer then drop off! Most people tip too which is a huge help. I found it to be pretty fun!

2. OfferUp/Facebook Marketplace

Sell things around your home that you no longer need! Books, end table, chair, old phone, clothes, shoes, plates, small kitchen appliances, or whatever you can come up with! Take your time going through your things and find stuff you no longer need or use. You’d be surprised what people will buy. If you haven’t used it in the last year, you probably don’t need it. So make a little cash for that goal you have.

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3. Poshmark

Poshmark has been around for some time, but I just recently gave it a whirl and I love it! It is a world I never really paid much attention to but this is a great way to make a little money, or save a little money if you need clothes! I had some Steve Madden and Sam Edelman shoes that I hadn’t worn for some time and immediately made a little cash by listing them.

Another tip I recently learned is reselling new items! Where I live, we have several liquidating type stores that sell Amazon and Target Returns. I often find stuff you can items that have never been opened like bedding or small kitchen gadgets for $6 or under. Then you can list that them on Poshmark and at least double your money! The stores are different depending on your area but for example, I have checked out Falling Prices and Gimme a Five. Just google local Amazon or Target Return Liquidators and see what you can find! This is also a great way to make it fun. I love finding a good deal, and then being able to make a little extra cash for a hobby is a fun way to shop!

4. DoorDash

DoorDash is an app that allows people to order food to their home, work, hotel, or almost anywhere! Since the pandemic, companies like DoorDash have EXPLODED with people wanting the convenience of getting their food delivered. This one is easy and straightforward! Download the app, follow instructions to pick up someone’s food from a specific restaurant, deliver, get paid! I find delivering fun because you can listen to music or a podcast in your car, and only deliver food when you want to or have time to!

2. Etsy

Do you craft, sew, paint? Sell your art on Etsy! Etsy can be a super great income source for those of you who can stitch or crochet or make pretty things! I have a friend who taught herself how to make face cream from beef tallow and essential oils. She started an Etsy account and is doing so well that was able to quit her job! Make an Etsy account and list your pretty stuff.

I hope this little list helps you go after that cash! These are all great options, and they actually work! Let me know if you try any of these options in the comments below.

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